Bloom System 

Our smart system combines laboratory technology with personalized analysis.

Bloom System

The Bloom System combines real-time data processing with medical research

The Bloom System enables anyone to measure blood markers in a few minutes directly at home or at one of our partner locations. Relevant health information will be recorded in the Bloom App and evaluated in connection with the blood sample to produce a personalized health report, containing an individual analysis and actionable information. Understandable. Fast. Fully encrypted, so that nobody can access user data without their consent.

  • Made in Switzerland and Germany
  • Developed with state-of-the-art safety and data encryption standards
  • Flexible options for the future: New biomarkers will be added continuously
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Bloom Tests
Fast. Digital. Data-Driven.


Find a Bloom partner

Our growing partner network will soon offer a variety of Bloom Tests. No registration is necessary. Just find a provider near to you and get started.


Perform a Bloom Test

Download the Bloom App. Perform the Bloom Test - done with a finger prick. Insert the test strip into the Bloom Lab and get the result on your smartphone in just a few minutes.


Receive a Bloom Report

The Bloom App combines the test results with relevant health information and creates a personalized report, which contains recommendations and is easy to understand for everyone.

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Bloom Lab

449.00 CHF

The Bloom Lab analyzes Bloom Test strips in a few minutes and sends the results to your Bloom App, which generates your personalized health report.


Requires Bloom Test and Bloom App.

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Ferritin Starter Kit

599.00 CHF

Contains 1 Bloom Lab and 4 Bloom Ferritin Tests.


Requires Bloom App.

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Ferritin Test

29.00 CHF

Measures iron stores in individuals who suspect to have iron deficiency or iron overload. Intended for self-testing and healthcare professional use.


Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

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Ovarian Reserve Test (coming soon)

89.00 CHF

Measures Anti-Mullerian-Hormone (AMH) in women between 18 and 39 who are interested in estimating their individual ovarian reserve as an ancillary screen of fertility. Intended for self-testing and healthcare professional use.


Requires Bloom Lab and Bloom App.

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Bloom Diagnostics production partner
Bloom Diagnostics' Production Partner


Bloom Diagnostics

Our goal is to enable people to better connect to their health. To achieve this, we developed a digital test system that combines biotechnology, real-time data processing and medical research. We want to provide people with information about their health in an understandable way.

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Become a Bloom Test provider

Bloom Diagnostics wants to make healthcare more accessible through a medical self-testing system. Our products are developed and produced in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We work with local partners to make them available to users. Join us!

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